Naia™ from Eastman

Naia™ is a sustainable fiber brand that inspires creativity while having a measurably lower impact on our planet’s precious resources. As consumers continue to demand eco-conscious choices, Eastman Naia™ cellulosic fibers offer a sustainable choice—from origin to end of life.

Our yarns and fibers are made from biobased materials sourced from responsibly managed forests, and our Naia™ Renew products add an even greater level of sustainability. With Naia™ Renew, hard-to-recycle waste material is diverted from landfills, broken down to basic molecules via Eastman’s carbon renewal technology, and used to produce cellulosic fibers without compromise on comfort or quality.

All Naia™ products are produced in an OEKO-TEX™ certified, closed-loop manufacturing process with a low tree-to-fiber carbon and water footprint. Naia™ is also TÜV AUSTRIA certified as biodegradable and compostable. At Eastman, we believe collaboration is key to delivering solutions that truly make a difference. Together, we can make sustainable textiles accessible to all.

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