The Textile sector is the cornerstone of Pakistan’s identity and Yunus Textile Mills Limited is a Premier home textile company of Pakistan belonging to the YBG Business Conglomerate. Yunus Brothers Group (YBG) introduced its Fabric Trading Business in 1962 and went onto the visionary path leading the Group into a prominent business force across diverse sectors like Textiles, Cement, Construction, Real Estate, Energy, Health, and Automo­biles.

In 1998 Textile expertise of the group was strengthened by the introduction of Yunus Textile Mills Limited, a completely vertical manufacturing compa­ny that now celebrates over 25 years of its existence and is a proud global textile player serving the most prestigious and renowned brands of the world.

Since 2021, YTML transformed its business processes to embody the purposeful vision of ‘’Textiles for a BETTER life”. The revamped corporate vision meant a focus on sustainable growth. The new paradigm meant strengthening policies on integrity, innovation, and inclusiveness which were driven by values like Trust and Respect, Customer Centricity, Compassion, Ethics, and Teamwork.

A step into the YTML world of home textiles provides a glimpse of a wide range of Home Textile products like sheet sets, comforter sets, duvet sets, coverlets, curtains, etc. that are preferred by an esteemed clientele, which includes most of the largest and most prestigious retailers in the world. The bedrock of YTML’s growth is the trust of its customers. To align with their needs, the company continues to invest in its manufacturing capabilities and people with its Global design teams in the U.K., Europe, and the U.S.A.

Yunus is moving forward with a mindset to shaping the future, by not only carving out an esteemed reputation but also channeling investments into cutting-edge infrastructure, advanced machinery, digitization, and a plethora of innovations. Strategic investments in IT infrastructure reflect YTML’s commitment to technological advancement. Yunus is the first company to implement lean strategies and enhance processes, minimize process wastages, and transform a better culture on the floor. During these 25 years, Yunus Textile Mills Limited’s remarkable journey to a Better Life becoming PEOPLE & PLANET Positive has seen the company’s aggressive commitment to sustainability.

Renewable energy initiatives, such as solar installations and wind farms, underscore the company’s major investments in sustainable energy, with solar projected to contribute 15% of total power usage by 2023. BIO Mass is currently being used for the Clean generation of Steam and YTML plans to convert more than 50% of Steam generation needs with BIO Mass by June 2024, the remaining from Waste heat recovery or Natural gas-based generation.

YTML’s goal of water conservation involves 100% reuse by 2025 which is currently standing at 94% water reuse, saving 20M glasses every day, a huge statement for a textile company. This consumption of recycled water is also a testament to the significant strides YTML is taking in conserving this precious resource. The commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 propels the entire value chain toward more sustainable practices, backed by holistic policies, processes, and practices. Initiatives encompass De-carbonization Goals, Water Stewardship, Responsible Sourcing, and Climate Resilience, among others, resonating with the company’s dedication to a greener future.

In addition to these sustainability initiatives, giving back to the community lies at the heart of Yunus Textile Mills Limited. For over 17 years, it has been supporting education in collaboration with The Citizen Foundation, and has sponsored 9 campuses and educated over 10,000+ students until now. This also includes a recent initiative ”PAR HA LIKHA PAKISTAN,” aimed at educating the children of YTML employees.

Diversity and Inclusion are also vital aspects of YTML. It strives to create an environment where all employees feel safe, secure, and proud. Being recognized in Male Champions of Change (MCC) its focus areas include increasing female employment, women in leadership, fair trade, flexible working hours, and community training programs. The YTML Champion, an MTO program designed for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), stands as a testament to its commitment to empowering everyone.

Yunus’s Shana Bashana (Shoulder to Shoulder) program aims to foster an inclusive environment, embracing individuals irrespective of Gender & Disabilities. Its mission is to reach set targets and milestones while upholding the essence of inclusion, leaving no one behind.

Stay tuned in celebrating the achievements of YTML as it continues on the inspiring journey of creating a BETTER life for all, where sustainability, innovation, and compassion drive every step.

Yunus Textile Mills Limited