2021 Home Textiles Week Agenda

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Monday, March 22

9 a.m. (EST) Monday, March 22

Morning Kick-Off with Jeff Kaufman and Jennifer Marks

Home Fashion Products Association President Jeff Kaufman and Home Textiles Today Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Marks welcome the industry to the online spring market.

9:05 a.m. (EST) Monday, March 22

Keynote: Melissa Gonzalez
The Future of Physical Retailing

The footprint may be changing, but brick & mortar retailing will continue to play a key role in consumers’ lives beyond the pandemic era. This special keynote session will look at how brands and retailers can innovate to deliver an experience that empowers their consumers to switch between digital and physical channels in a seamless buying journey. Melissa Gonzalez, CEO of The Lion’esque Group, an MG2 company, specializes in pioneering the integration of physical environments and cutting-edge technologies to help companies such as Purple, Nordstrom and Burrow foster foundational consumer engagement and evolve their offering.

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10 a.m. (EST) Monday, March 22

The Retail Scene Today

One of Wall Street’s most respected and informed analysts provides her overview of the current retail picture and offers projections on what to expect for the balance of 2021 and on beyond that. Featuring Dana Telsey, CEO & Chief Retail Analyst, Telsey Advisory Group.

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2 p.m. (EST) Monday, March 22

Understanding the Cotton Market in 2021

With the global pandemic, political issues in China and new trade barriers in India, the worldwide cotton sector is in a period of nearly unprecedented turmoil. This webinar will lay out the issues surrounding the cotton market this year with experts from the cotton brokerage sector, legal observers and Supima offering a forecast of what to expect going forward. Speakers will be: Marc Lewkowitz, Supima; Robert Leo, Meeks, Sheppard, Leo & Pillsbury; and Dr. Jody Campiche, National Cotton Council.

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3 p.m. (EST) Monday, March 22

Heimtextil Trends 21/22: Nothing New, Everything New

The North American Premiere of the industry trends from the 2021 Heimtextil Trend Presentation. Featuring Anja Bisgaard Gaede, Founder of SPOTT trends & business (DK).

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5 p.m. (EST) Monday, March 22

Special Retail Keynote Presentation 

A conversation with Joe Hartsig, EVP, Chief Merchandising Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, and President of Harmon Stores, Inc.

Tuesday, March 23

9 a.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 23

Welcome to Day 2

Home Textiles Today Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Marks welcomes the industry to the second day of the virtual spring market.

9:05 a.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 23

A Guide for Virtual Selling with JOOR

Join Kristin Savilia, CEO of JOOR, as she shares insights and best practices for leveraging virtual showroom technology to drive your business, and discusses the benefits of adopting digital with David Martinez of Hollander Sleep Products.

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10 a.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 23

Material Makeover

Consumer satisfaction gaps, the growing importance of sleep quality, and emergence of sustainability as a value driver are creating opportunities for established brands and new entrants to disrupt the U.S. bed sheet market. This fragmented, needs-based market is poised to grow after several years of declines, but will require brands to reimagine their product offering and invest in new fiber solutions to meet the evolving needs of U.S. consumers. Please join the Eastman Naia™ team as they unveil the results of their 2021 U.S. Bed Sheet Study to help your brand navigate and find success in the post-pandemic U.S. bedding market. Featuring Justin Coates, Consumer Insights & Marketing Leader, Eastman.

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2 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 23

Out of the Box Learning Session

Join the TENCEL™ team for our “Out of the Box” learning session to find out more about TENCEL™ fibers for Home and Interior products. We’ll help you decide the best TENCEL™ fibers to choose from for various products types from sourcing to development. Improving how you’re using TENCEL™ fibers for home products from sheets to towels and more.  We’ll also review our sustainability initiatives and goals including information about our latest development with True Carbon Zero.  Finally, we’ll conclude with an introduction to our fabric certification and product licensing requirements for all TENCEL™ Home branded products. Featuring Walter Bridgham, Sr. Business Development Manager, Home & Interiors; Ashley Buchalter, Associate Business Development Manager, Home & Interiors; and Ericka Gutierrez Garcia, U.S. Marketing & Branding Manager.

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3 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 23

Functionalizing textiles for post-vaccination consumers: Hygiene, sustainability & a natural approach

What is the sustaining impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the home textiles market segment? Why is it important to design textile products specifically for women? What role can textile functionalities play? In this video, Sven Ghyselinck, Devan CEO, and Tom Palmaerts, Senior Trend Consultant at Trendwolves, will guide us along some trends and issues in the various textile market segments. Sven also brought two R&D scientists from Devan, who will help explain the company’s latest innovations on Natural, Anti-Microbial Life Cycle Analysis and Allergen Control and how they can be used to solve some of the issues brought forward. And last but not least, we have Jennifer Marks, Editor-in-Chief at Home Textiles Today, who will act as moderator, and tie this interview together with her sharp questions.

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5 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 23

Textiles Champions: Consumer Intelligence

Home Textiles Today will celebrate companies for their digital achievements in a new market week awards event – Textiles Champion: Consumer Intelligence! We will be honoring companies that are standouts in three B2C categories:

  • Social Media Excellence
  • Digital Engagement Excellence
  • Digital Brand-Building Excellence

Find out more about the winners by clicking here!

Wednesday, March 24

9 a.m. (EST) Wednesday, March 24

Welcome to Day 3

Home Textiles Today Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Marks welcomes the industry to the third day of the virtual spring market.

9:05 a.m. (EST) Wednesday, March 24

Who America is Sleeping With: Opportunities in Sleep Shops & Furniture Stores

For the 80% of American mattress shoppers who still want to try before they buy, bedding specialty and full-line furniture stores drive technology and fashion trends. And it’s not only for the mattress itself but increasingly for the sheets, pillowcases and bedding accessories too, opening up opportunities for home textiles suppliers. Find out what makes these critical influencers tick and how and what they buy in this exclusive session with Furniture Today Editor in Chief Bill McLoughlin and Alan “Dr. V” Vonder Haar, Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for Miskelly Furniture. They will discuss strategies for selling bedding accessories in the furniture and specialty store channel and the importance of storytelling both on the selling floor and in retailer’s assessment of the products they choose to put on their sales floor.

10 a.m. (EST) Wednesday, March 24

Redefining Cleaner Home Textiles: Mold and Mildew concerns and solutions

Mold and Mildew issues on the home textile, foam, and polymer products are more common than not. They like to make themselves at home in some of our favorite, most used items. This webinar will review mold and mildew concerns commonly found on fabrics and products in the home, what they are and how we treat them. We will also address fungal issues that arise in transport where spoilage and product loss can occur. Finally, we will cover test methods widely requested by retailers and commonly used to validate antifungal marketing claims on a product. Featuring Kate Hawley, Senior Microbiologist, and Chris Liu, Microbiology Lab Manager at Microban.

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2 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, March 24

Cotton: What you see is what you prefer

The essence of the familiarity principle of attraction is the tendency among human beings to develop a preference for things such as products, ideas, logos, etc., which they see more often. Familiarity tends to create a more positive feeling amongst consumers. The more we see something the easier it is to connect, find comfort, and associate a feeling of positivity. This can also be relevant to a particular trademark or fiber such as cotton. The legacy and comfort of cotton endures – from generation to generation and closet to closet. Let’s discuss some of the many reasons to bring cotton home. Featuring Jennifer Lukowiak, Director, Supply Chain Marketing, Cotton Incorporated.

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5 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, March 24

Home Textiles Week Game Night!

Industry vets Warren Shoulberg and Mark Grand are coming out of retirement (or alleged retirement in Warren’s case) to host an interactive trivia contest. The pair will match their well-honed wits as they tee up trivia questions to four industry execs. Audience members can also “buzz in” to answer questions and win prizes.

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Thursday, March 25

9 a.m. (EST) Thursday, March 25

Closing Remarks

Home Textiles Today Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Marks and Editor-at-Large Warren Shoulberg welcome the industry to the final day of the virtual spring market and share their closing thoughts on the week.